Written by Dave Youngman

I don’t normally write race reports, but I raced Haslemere ‘Bumpy’ Triathlon on Sunday 5th June, which is an event run by REP (also do Steyning, Arundel etc). This was only the 2nd year it has run and thought I would put it out there as a welcoming, fun and low-key event, where ‘Bumpy’ is the key word in the title, which I will be adding to the calendar for next year.

I got there early as there were concerns with parking space in the event emails, though in the end there was plenty of space (I was parked 30m from transition and my bike). Registration was slower than the normal from REP, but a 5 minute queue was as bad as it got. You also get a t-shirt as normal for REP events.

The swim is a 400m pool snake swim in a clean Leisure Centre, lanes were narrow, but there was enough time to set people off at 1 minute intervals, which meant at the speedy back end of the start swim times I generally had a lane to myself. Just like Steyning, you exit the pool and then have a 50m run to the transition area in the car park.

The bike course… well, normally in a circuit course a TT bike is fastest, as you can gain more speed on the downhill sections and hold on up hill. First clue this was a mistake was there were only maybe 5 TT bikes in transition in the whole of a 250 field… and put it this way, I was on the aero bars less than 40% of the course. There is 320m of climbing in a 20km bike course, and the downhill sections are steep and twisty and the uphills are undulating and some steep. The route is very scenic (not that you notice) and all on country lanes, all well signposted and marshalled. Next year though I am taking the road bike.

I didn’t know it was possible, but the run course is hillier than the bike. 95m of climbing in 5k. It is essentially 2km uphill into a forest (one short section at 30% gradient!) which puts the drag at Steyning to shame, a 1km flat loop in the forest at the top, then retrace the 2km back down the hill to the finish. The course is a mix of pavement, gravel track, sand in the forest section and dirt track. It was dry and I had no issues in my 5k sprint shoes.
Overall a tough but enjoyable course, one to consider if you’re not sure of an event to do.

Written by Dave Youngman