Horsham Tri Club saw an excellent turnout for the 25th Chichester 10k race on Sunday 7th Feb. It was perfect running weather with sunny but crisp conditions and with 20 members competing it promised to be a great morning. Horsham Tri Club were using the race as final preparation for the upcoming Brighton Half Marathon, for which we have a 2.15hr & 1.50hr training group.

Many smashed their personal bests with particular note going to GB age-grouper Paul Blackmore who finished in 37.52 & Luke McPherson who, aged 15, raced in his first 10k in an extremely respectable time of 48.24.

Paul Blackmore 00:37:52
Jez Peacock 00:43:19
Graham Kempster 00:43:22
Chris Glover 00:43:47
Nick Trout 00:47:32
Peter Cutler 00:48:22
Luke McPherson 00:48:28
Emma Cox 00:48:32
John Birkens 00:49:28
Claire Illingworth 00:49:28
Emma Catlow 00:49:30
Becca McDowell 00:54:28
Bridget Davies 00:56:49
Helene Mellor 00:56:52
Steph White 00:57:38
Jim McPherson 00:57:40
Roger James 01:00:28
Coleen Conti 01:00:29
Sarah Porcelli 01:11:57
Clare Murrell 01:21:56