HTC Brighton Half 2016

Five months of hard training paid off for Horsham Triathlon Club members last Sunday as they scooped up medals and personal bests at the Brighton Half Marathon.

Over a third of the club took part in specially designed training plans for three different finishing times of sub 1hr 35, sub 1hr 50 and sub 2hr 15. It was the first year the club had attempted anything like this and with the exception of a couple of members taking a few weeks out for injuries everyone who started the plan completed it.

Chairman of HTC John Birkens said after the race “I am so proud of the club today. Practically every member got a PB and the best part was that everyone finished with a smile of their face.”


Paul Blackmore 01:23:32
Joe Bardy 01:24:25
Duncan Meadus 01:32:
Jez Peacock 01:34:26
GrahamKempster 01:34:57
Chris Glover

Isobel Clarke





Michael Hartland 01:43:10
Peter Cutler 01:46:49
John Birkens 01:46:50
Niall Tierney 01:46:50
Emma Catlow 01:48:56
Laura Alison 01:50:14
Beck Howard 01:51:26
Nick Trout 01:53:20
Emma Cox 01:56:22
Claire Illingworth 01:56:23
Becca McDowell 01:56:52
Kevin Briggs 02:03:53
Helene Mellor 02:07:39
DianeRobertson 02:08:40
Saffron Webber 02:08:42
Steph White 02:08:42
Jim McPherson 02:11:32
Chris Bradford 02:14:11
Laura Perry 02:27:03
Sarah Porcelli 02:40:29