HTC members Ian Passmore, Kevin Briggs and Graham Kempster attended the event and here is a brief report from Graham.


To receive the message ‘We Regret to inform you that the Macmillan Brownlee Tri will now be a duathlon – Run Bike Run’ via text at 21:36 during the first half of the football wasn’t the worst time to break the news but it seemed quite late in the day. In the end, even though I was coming back from a run injury I was still pleased I could relax a little knowing I wouldn’t be needing my wetsuit and all the extra transition faff that goes with it.


With a start time of 10:50, my latest ever start to an event, it was great to be able to start the day slowly and not too early. In fact I found out my alarm to wake up was set after Ian had started his event.


The condition of the lake…green, very very green. In fact it was greener than the grass, a good call from the organisers

The event felt well organised but you could tell it was the first time it had been run, but hopefully not the last. The site isn’t perfectly suited to having a bike leg due to the long driveways and lack of asphalt roadway but this was all taken care of with countless temporary boards forming a new roadway (a huge undertaking to set up!). The dead zones that framed the bike however were something new to get used to. I managed to put enough thought into it so that I reached transition, grabbed everything and just legged it passed the timing matt, here you could just stop, get dressed properly, regain your breath and then walk the 150m or so to the bike mounting point. This was the same on the way back with a steep hill inside the dead zone where many people just got off and walked. A lot of people didn’t seem to get the idea of a timing dead zone sadly.


The runs were on firm ground but a little technical due to the hidden unsettled surface underfoot, this meant I never really got into my flow on the run, but it was great not having a road in sight and nice wide tracks to make passing easy.


As with all events the marshalling was great and the alcohol free ‘isotonic’ beer waiting for me at the finish line was well received too. In summary, a good effort but a very pricey triathlon, let alone duathlon.

Isotonic don’t you know…