GO TRI Aquathlon Series 2018

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Saturday 28th July 2018 – ENTER HERE

Saturday 29th September 2018 – ENTER HERE

Where? Pavilions in Horsham Park

Who’s it for? First and foremost aimed at newcomers to the sport but is open to all athletes of all abilities and levels of fitness due to there not being a need for a bike.

Cost? This is a great low cost event (just £5) to embark on your multisport calling.

Distances? The swim is 200m (8 lengths). For the run you will have the option to increase the distance to 5km, or stick with the 3.4km distance.

This year we are pleased to announce that we have lowered the minimum age to 11 with the 11-14 year olds tackling a slightly shorter distance of 100m (4 lengths) swim and a 1.6km run. Due to the public access to Horsham Park an adult is required to run with the lower age group.

Ages? The minimum age is 15 for these events (age taken on 31st December 2016).

Event address: Pavilions in the park, Hurst Rd, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2DF. If arriving by train the leisure centre is a 2 minute walk away.

The Details:

These are low cost (£5), low key events which, although timed, will not include trophies for winners, instead we are looking to bring new participants into the sport. For those competing in more than one event, you will be able to see your improvement from race to race.

The estimated swim time is just that, an estimation. If you are unsure or just don’t know put down 10:00 and we can adjust on the day if necessary – or why not come along to one of our Friday swims and we can time you for 2, 4 or 8 lengths and then you’ll know?

As a reminder, if you’re planning to wear a tri-suit/one-piece for the swim & run please bring a race belt so that you don’t need to pin you number to the clothing.

The next step or in preparation for the event, why not come along to one of Horsham Trini Club’s weekly traing sessions. We meet trackside at Broadbridge Heath leisure centre on Wednesday’s at 20:00 for 1 hour, Thursdays at 20:00 at Pavilions for a spinning session (please book online here) , Friday’s for the Swim at 20:00 (poolside at the Pavilions) and Sundays for a swim at 17:00 also poolside at Pavilions. If you have any questions about coming along, equipment, suitability etc. etc. please just pop us an email here: Email Us