The 2017 Club Championship is upon us. Here is a list of events. Please see a list of the scoring/rules etc. and if you have any question please ask away.
Roger James has very kindly volunteered to manage the series this year. Thanks you in advance Roger!

There is a change from 2016 in that there will be a separate long distance award. This incorporates and middle and long distance events, these can be of your choice and there is no limit to the amount you can compete in and then submit your results. ‘Iron’ distance events score double that of ‘half/middle’ distance events.

The Races

Cowdray Park X-Duathlon
It’s off road so any form of mountain bike or probably cross & gravel or maybe even town bike will do (just leave you fancy TT’s at home for this one). A new event run by a local company, let’s support it and see what it’s like.

Bognor Regis Tri/Duathlon
Very early season Tri for the brave and Duathlon for those who might not be match fit or confident. Awaiting to see if a discount code appears so we will announce on Facebook by the end of the week either way.

There is an option to select the first standard distance of the Series. Expect to get up early but also take note that it’s a bank holiday weekend so you can celebrate Sunday evening without having to set the alarm for Monday morning!

East Grinstead Tri
One of the oldest events in the region. It will sell out so don’t delay if you’re wanting to enter. Part of the Triathlon England South East (TESE) inter-Club Series.

Portsmounth Duathlon
A hugely popular event with HTC’ers last year and many peoples first Duathlon. Feel free to choose any 1 of the 3 events for submission of a result towards the club championships but you can only submit 1 result so if you enter all 3, please wait until you’ve raced the 3rd one to submit your result. This is an event where you must inform HTC Central which event you want to select. It is not for us to find which one you did best in (we don’t have that much free time sadly).

Ardingly Triathlon Festival
The hedgehog Tri event – (They’re the people who run the Horsham Youth Tri with us) offer discounted rates on a first come first served basis for those willing to count swim laps or help set up the day before. These ‘Rig n Race’ usually mean a huge 70% discount of entry, but there are only a few places on each race obviously. Please see the relevant webpages for code & details.
You can choose between the Sprint, Supersprint or Duathlon to score points.

Mid Sussex Tri & Aquabike
It’s a classic & it will sell out. We had a great showing last year & with the option of an Aquabike for the first time select what’ll play to your strengths

Early July date due to other REP events and tidal times. The weather always plays a part but still a good solid event.

Arundel Castle
An ITU standard distance qualifier so this will sell out and have a strong field. Do not delay if you’re entering this one

Redhill Sprint Tri
Up into Surrey for this one. New to our Series but also part of the TESE Series. 750metres lake swim followed by more standard sprint distance bike and runs

A great event to end the Triathlon season on and very local. Just remember to save something for that run!

Bonus Races

Southwater Tri
Include HTC at the start of your team name and the points are yours

HTC Go Tri October
The final (and probably critical) points are up for grabs at our final Go Tri of 2017.
The only condition is that you must have helped out at a prior Go Tri to be able to race (dates to be confirmed very soon).

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