Horsham Tri Club Coach, Sarah

..having a goal to work towards is a great way to motivate and focus your training.

Coach Sarah

Coach Sarah

Triathlons were on my list of challenges to complete, however having ticked off my first one I realised it wasn’t enough! I really enjoyed the super-sprint and sprint distances as it helped build up my confidence that I could actually do the entire race!

My background is in Swimming, Netball, Cross Country Running, Football, Cricket, Diving, Tennis, but my predominate sport is Touch Football (Touch Rugby), where I’ve represented England internationally as a referee for the past few years. I’m also a referee coach and facilitator. In my day job I’m an organisation psychologist, so I spend a lot of my time coaching people at work and helping them to perform at their best. I’ve tended to carry this passion into my sporting life as well… I can’t help myself, I love coaching any sport that I become involved with. It’s seeing people develop and grow in a sport that I’m passionate about that I really enjoy, so naturally I started looking at coaching triathlons as well.

My coaching philosophy is very much centred around focused fun and helping you to improve upon your PBs. I appreciate that ‘fun’ is subjective, so just remember, that sometimes ‘fun’ comes upon reflection of the challenging session…

My next challenge is a half marathon, and moving up to Olympic Distance in Triathlons – having a goal to work towards is a great way to motivate and focus your training.